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Stainless Steel Water Tank in Vietnam


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Connecting Water to Life !

Why Beltecno's Stainless Steel Panel Tanks ?

Beltecno is one of the oldest companies (Since 1947) globally which is purely into manufacturing of Stainless Steel Water Tanks in Japan and India. We have our patented Japanese technology of light weight steel water tanks and Our USP in the manufacturing of panel tanks make us different in the market from other water tank manufacturers in Vietnam. We have the best engineers who are capable to design and manufacture the customized stainless steel panel tanks used for various Industrial and commercial applications. We are one of the top suppliers of Industrial water tanks in Vietnam.

No.1 Stainless Steel Water Tanks in Vietnam for Industries

There are various types of water tanks available in market, to meet the demand of growing industries of Vietnam, Beltecno came up with the light weight, highly durable and easy to install stainless steel panel tanks for Vietnam Market. We are a team of expert engineers and fabricators who are certified in manufacturing huge size of water tanks in Vietnam.  
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Our diamond cut panels reflects the purity of water stored in it.

We have our patented design of embossed diamond cut on our stainless steel panels, which symbolize the purity of water. Being a Japanese company we focus on quality the most, we believe in delivering the best masterpiece, highly durable tank and want to set an example of extreme engineering. 
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Stainless Steel

Storage Tank

  • Available in horizontal and vertical orientation.
  • Highly Durable
  • Made by Automatic welding machine.
  • Good recycle value.
  • Best for Industrial use.
  • Available up-to 10 KL in size.
  • Pressure up-to 5 Bar.

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Stainless Steel

Panel Tanks

  • Aesthetic in design
  • Diamond cut panels to provide extra strength
  • Can be customized
  • Light Weight
  • Least Installation time.
  • Highly durable
  • Good recycle value.

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Plate Heat


  • Available in SS 304 and SS 316 durable plates.
  • Durable in nature and can be used in high duty operations.
  • Efficient plate design and R&D
  • Excellent heat transfer rate.
  • Less in weight compare to shell & tube type.
  • Easy to repair with less downtime

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The patented design and structural properties make stainless Steel Panel Tanks very lightweight, approximately 1/30 the weight of concrete. This is a great advantage when installing a tank on soft ground, since unnecessary foundation costs can be eliminated.

Key Benefits :

  • High Durability.
  • Low cost of Installation.
  • Less time required for Installation.
Vietnam water tanks

Structural Stability

Stainless steel panel tanks are very stable in all the permissible structural load conditions. The engineering and R&D involved in manufacturing is backed by Advanced Japanese Technology.

Key Benefits :

  • Long life and Strength.
  • Improved water Infra.
  • Less Breakdowns.


When comparing total life cycle costs including maintenance, it is clear stainless steel is more cost-effective in the long run. Low maintenance make panel tanks highly economic and provide maximum return on investment.

Key Benefits :

  • Highly Economic in long term.
  • Its an Asset for your company.
  • Max ROI
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Better Flexibility

Stainless steel has the gifted quality of being corrosion free if properly used, thereby its becoming a first choice for various applications in HVAC, Process cooling, Treated and Ro water.

Key Benefits :

  • Hygienic water storage.
  • Corrosion Resistant. 
  • Used in multi applications.

Stainless Steel Water Tank in Vietnam.