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Locations and Business Units of Beltecno Group

  • 12 business offices (1 in India)
  • 8 Factories (1 in India)

BELTECNO Japan Headquarters

BELTECNO Corporation.

4F Nishiki Center Building, 3-5-27 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya Aichi 460-0003 Japan

WEB ( Japanese) : http://www.beltecno.co.jp

In India


President : Mr. Kiyokazu Tamura

Incorporated : 18th June 2009

Establishment Capital : 32 crore

Company Registration Number :

Tax reference Number : AADCB8011C

VAT Number : 08400703340

ISO : 9001:2008 ISO 9001_200*200.jpg


Factory address : 

SP-2-23 New Industrial Complex (Majrakath), Japanese Zone, Neemrana, Alwar, Rajasthan 301705

JAPAN Branch

Area Zip code Adress TEL&FAX
Tokyo 101-0051 7F Kanda jinbouchou Building, 2-17 Jinbouchou, Kanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo TEL: +81-(0)3-3221-8215
FAX: +81-(0)3-3221-8218
Nagoya 460-0002 4F Nishiki Center Building, 3-5-27 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya TEL: +81-(0)52-857-9002
FAX: +81-(0)52-857-9009
Osaka 530-0047 7F Nishitenma Park Building 2, 5-1-15, Nishitenma, Kita-Ku, Osaka TEL: +81-(0)6-6130-2520
FAX: +81-(0)6-6130-2530
Fukuoka 812-0013 5F Hakata Suncity BuildingⅡ,3-11-28, Hakataekihigashi, Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka TEL: +81-(0)92-412-1554
FAX: +81-(0)92-412-1555
Sendai 981-3133 Room No.302,3-15-3, Izumichuou, Izumi-Ku, Sendai, Miyagi TEL: +81-(0)22-772-7227
FAX: +81-(0)22-772-7229
Kantou 338-0013 1-F, 7-10-25,Suzuya,Chuou-Ku, Saitama, Saitama TEL: +81-(0)48-840-5002
FAX: +81-(0)48-840-5005
Sizuoka 420-0043 1F Green Kawanabe, 2-3-2 Kawanabe-Cho, Aoi-Ku, Sizuoka TEL: +81-(0)54-205-0466
FAX: +81-(0)54-205-0464
Hokushinetsu 939-8216 No.9, 2F 2-13-1,Kurosekitamachi,Toyama TEL: +81-(0)76-425-6070
FAX: +81-(0)76-425-6071
Hiroshima 730-0014 5F Park Building, 3-24, Kaminoborichou, Naka-Ku, Hirosima TEL: +81-(0)82-221-2561
FAX: +81-(0)82-221-2563
Takamatsu 760-0073 1F Fujimoto Building 2-17-21, Ritsurin-Cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa TEL: +81-(0)87-863-5976
FAX: +81-(0)87-863-6051
Kagoshima 890-0063 1F Entopia Kamoike 11, 2-8-2, Kamoike, Kagoshima TEL: +81-(0)99-284-1089
FAX: +81-(0)99-214-9332



BELTECNO's History

2008 to 2010: 
BELTECNO Headquarter was moved to Nagoya,Japan.Incorporated BELTECNO India Private Limited.Neemrana plant was constructed in Rajasthan. 
BELTECNO Co., Ltd. merged with Kyushu BELTECNO Co., Ltd. and Aomori BELTECNO Co., Ltd. to incorporate BELTECNO Plant Industry Co., Ltd.
International Quality Management System ISO9001 was certified to BELTECNO Headquarter, Nagoya branch and the Manufacturing Department.Incorporated BELTECNO Giken East Co., Ltd. for manufacturing Stainless-Steel Reservoir.
Incorporated BELTECNO Giken Co., Ltd, for manufacturing Stainless-Steel Reservoir as BELTECNO made a full-scale entry into the water supply business.
Developed and marketed Thermal Color Stainless-Steel Tanks.
Developed and marketed Plate Heat Exchanger. Aomori plant was constructed with an expansion of Stainless-Steel Panel Tank operation.
Incorporated BELTECNO Co., Ltd.
Developed and marketed Fully-Automatic Cheese Dehydrators.
Developed and marketed Stainless-Steel Closed Expansion Tanks. Gifu plant was constructed with an expansion of Stainless-Steel Panel Tank operation.
Developed and marketed a wide variety of Short-Liquor Dyeing Machines.
Develop Stainless-Steel (SUS 304) Heat Storage Tank. Develop and market Stainless-Steel (SUS 304) Storage Tank(Hot Water Tanks).  
Developed and marketed Stainless-Steel Panel Tanks.  
Incorporated Suzuki Mfg. Co., Ltd. with a capital of 300 million yen.  
Founded Suzuki-Shoten for manufacturing Dyeing Machines.